Mehron ProColoRing Concealer Swatches

A few weeks ago my friend posted that she was selling some of her make-up that she barely used since they were all bought during a make-up phase of hers.
Luckily, my whole make-up thing isn't a phase. Ohohoho~
This was one of the items she was selling at a heavily discounted price that was only slightly used.

The concealer ring was barely touched (those holes are from me using a spatula). The first thing I did when I received it was sanitize it. And I only use a spatula to get out product from it now.
My friend is a super whitey white so this ring is pretty light, luckily, I'm pretty light myself so it works out.

Colors from Left to Right: Porcelain Blush, Golden Wheat, Honey Glaze, Soft Sandalwood, Cream Cocoa

When I first received it I was actually a bit scared since I didn't know how long she had it so it could have gotten hard. Good thing it didn't! It has a really nice creamy texture that was surprising.
I'll use the lightest shade "Porcelain Blush" as a highlight and the darkest "Cream Cocoa" as a contour. The other three will just be used as a normal concealer for my birthday marks and such.

Really excited to try this out more and compare it to my normal go-to concealer since I'm still looking for my perfect concealer.


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