☆International Make-up Swaps? ☆

In all the years that I've been interested in make-up and stalking gurus on youtube and in their blogs, (it's been about 2-3 years ;D ) I've seen most if not all participate in make-up swaps with people in different countries.

I would LOVE to do this with people. Mainly in asian countries and the UK because all of them have amazing products that I want to try out but don't have access to.

Of course, I could buy some products online...but that doesn't seem as fun.

I already know the basics of the whole swapping thing; I just don't know where to find other people interested in being my..swapping counterpart?

Also, swapping already used products isn't my thing. Now, I don't mind giving away products that I've tried out and don't like, I would just prefer to swap out brand new stuff.

If any one knows of any sites that can connect you with people, or people setting up blog swaps and stuff, PLEASE let me know. :3



  1. Haha, that would be such a fun thing to do!
    But unfortunately, I don't know of any sites...
    Um, I know of one, but it's not 'just a swap', you get around 3-4 items.
    But here's the link if you want to check it out!
    I've never tried it, but it looks super fun and everything is so cute and cool!

    1. That's a super nice site! Though, not exactly what I was looking for. I guess it's more like...sending care packages to each other? So there's more than 1 item that the person picks out with the other swapee in mind, but it's things they can't get locally.

  2. i've always been interested in swapping makeup, it's so hard to get things from othe countries without paying a fortune for shipping!
    i'm from the uk, maybe we could work something out?

    1. I just checked with the normal postal office for prices and they are pretty ridiculous! They jump from $16 usd to $75 usd for just small packages and envelopes! The smallest flate rate box is about $17 which I'd be willing to pay for a swap... I'd think quite a few things could fit in a small box but obviously sending giants packages would definitely cost a fortune. We can definitely work something out if you're interested! :3

  3. I would love to make a swap, i'm from finland

    1. hi! i'm addicted to make up swap, we have a group on facebook and its really fun, but it is only for Israeli girls.so I was also looking for girls from other countries who is interested to make a swap. As i'm from Israel. if you'd like to do this, contact me :)

  4. Hi Girls, I also would like to make a makeup swap with somebody, I'm from Israel...
    my mail: valval.gurevich@gmail.com

  5. I'm from Asia! Email me :)