Independence day Lolita shoot! (Featuring..Captain America and Wonder Woman?)


Pfff, I act like someone is actually reading this junk. I know I suck at blogging. (:_;)
Oh well~ I guess I can look back when I'm 50 or something and read about how boring my life was...if my account isn't deleted by then...which it probably will be...>>

ANYWAYS,  about 2 weeks ago, Kendra came up again to shoot another collaboration with Elegy Clothing. In a way I feel bad that Kendra gets to hog all this lolita goodness but at least I know I won't be disappointed with the results, haha. Most of the really amazing photographers live everywhere except where I'm at... :( Which is also why Kendra has to drive 4 hours to get to me. x_x

Getting back on topic because I just know you guys are dying to find out about my adventure in this photoshoot. T_T

Since July 4th was coming up (plus the Avengers just came out) we all decided that a super hero inspired shoot would be super cute and fitting for the holiday. THUS CAPTAIN AMERICA AND WONDER WOMAN WERE BORNNNN.

I kept the make-up relatively simple. CA's was more neutral while WW was more sultry? like. I would really like to expand to more crazy make-up looks but I definitely feel that it wouldn't exactly be suited to the type of lolita looks that I prefer. I doubt they would suit lolita at all. I ADORE the doll look and prefer to keep my loli make-up on that side. haha.
The studio was rented out for a full day (8 hours) so there was tons of time for make-up and different outfits as well. Florida was getting hit by Hurricane? Tropical Storm? Debby, so locations were out unfortunately.

Here's some behind the scenes shots.
CA actually had 2 wigs. One more of a short boyish cut and the other a more hime styled wig (although when it was in the beret you couldn't really tell). We just wanted to see how different it would look and both came out super cute!

With Wonder Woman, I went for a darker rusty red eye shadow (that you can barely see :P) and a dark red lip. Seeing it now, I wish that I had went a bit darker but, that can always be saved for a more gothic look which I would also love to do.

Anddd here's the very first preview that came out.

The wristlets on WW were actually an add on that Kendra felt was necessary since WW wears her cuffs/gauntlets/wristlets/etc. (It was green tape. xD)

I also just ordered stuff from Missha today! So when it comes in I'll be doing reviews~



  1. Ooh, really cool outfits and make-up! >w<
    Haha, good job! ^^
    I wanna dress up too now! >3<
    Have you seen the Avengers yet? I haven't but I still need to see all of the separate hero movies! Hehe! ^^

    1. Thank you! The outfit cred goes to Chubi from Elegy Clothing though. :)
      I have! It was pretty awesome. I've only seen Thor, Captain America and parts of Iron man, haha. I don't even know where the other ones come in...>> well, besides Hulk of course, haha.

  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.