☆Favorite: Lip Balms☆

Lip balms are essential to me. If my lips aren't properly exfoliated and moisturized I just can't wear any other lip products. Lip sticks will accentuate the cracks and dry skin and it's just. OJIHUGIYFVH

There's tons of lip balms out there ready to be tried out! The most notable brands, drugstore wise, I believe are EOS, Nivea, Chapstick (of course), and Burt's Bees. There's of course HUNDREDS of other brands that sell lip balms.

I've made my way around tons of lip balms but have never found one that I've used until I hit the base. Until now.

I'm a huge fan of Nivea lip products. I've tried most of them and always keep at least one around wherever I go. But, my all time favorite is the Nivea Vitamin Swirl. My mom received it in the mail for free to try out and I stole it from her~ Since then, I've used it every single day until it turned into this.

The color is a dark pink color swirled with white which actually shows up as a really soft pink color on the lips. This product is AMAZING. It smells great (super fruit :3), feels great, and keeps the moisture in! I love having soft lips (I'm sure my bf appreciates it also) so whenever I slack on keeping them moisturized, I layer it on at night and wipe it off (plus all the dead skin) in the morning with a damp towel and VOILA! Beautiful, soft lips.
I really need to get a new one...but I'm waiting for my nivea coupon to come in, haha. I'm also looking forward to trying the berry swirl which looks like a peach colored version of this. 8D

My lips with just Nivea Vitamin Swirl on. It gives off such a beautiful, natural pink color. I LOVE IT SO MUCHHHHH.

Since I'm low on my Vitamin Swirl (saving the left over product in the base for special days until I get a new one) my sephora birthday gift came just in time!
For those who don't know, Sephora gives away a different birthday gift every year which mainly contains small sample/tester sized products. This year was a Fresh. Sugar lip treatment and Rose mini lip duo.

I haven't used the Rose one yet since I was mainly concerned about keeping my lips moisturized.
The size is SUPER TINY (since it's just a tester size) and sadly, the bullet broke at the base so I had to scrape the product out and put it into a little container. 

The product itself applies super smoothly and it just feels great on the lips. It has a soft lemony scent (nothing too bad) which is nice because my bf will sometimes use my lip balms and he hates anything that smells super fruity or has any color in it. xD
There's no color, completely clear but gives a nice gloss.
The only downside is, the full sized product is a on the pricey side, especially compared to Nivea.
The full product is .15 oz and costs $22.50! So expensive compared to my $2.59 Vitamin Swirl. :(

I LOVE these two products so much and I'm sure I'll like the Fresh. Rose and the Nivea Berry swirl as well.


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