Deco Lolita collaboration shoot~

Second outfit that Chubi from Elegy Clothing sent me to shoot in~

This outfit was definitely the most fun for me between the two because it was a 4 in 1!

It comes with a salopette which can be switched from skirt to bloomer-y shorts, and the top part also comes off so you can wear just the blouse with either/or as well!

This style is really adorable and I love it so much...but definitely not as much as dresses with the cupcake shape. I said a while ago that I'm a huge fan of sweet, hime, everything girly, etc and it's mainly because I LOVE pink and they have tons of cupcake shapes so I get the best of both of the things that I love! x3

This outfit was shot in studio since I can't really think of any locations that would be suitable for this outfit.
Since I received the outfit, I was racking my brain for a way to wear my wig and I just couldn't think of anything. I really wish I had some super curly wigs or maybe a split one or even some pastel action. But alas,  haven't purchased any new wigs in about a year. Must change this soon. I'll be buying new circle lenses soon so maybe I'll buy wigs then...
The day of the shoot I had to put together a super quick hair style and decided upon...

THE GIANT PURPLE BOW IS SO ADORABLE! I kept telling Chubi how much I liked it because it's so big and cute. :3
The wig. Yes. That's what I was talking about. I ended up just simply braiding part of the wig and eventually tied it into ponytails.

I was originally going to make two braided buns on each side...but I over estimated how much hair was on this wig, haha.

I purchased a pair of shoes at wal-mart since I was tired of wearing the same white mary-janes but they didn't have my exact size so I had to get a 5 in kid sizes. I really don't understand why kids have such big shoes sizes. x__x I normally wear a size 6 in women's so the fact that girls shoes 5 is too big? (I wear a 4) They should just switch the adult sizes if their feet get that big. T__T



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  1. Omg your so cute lol