Darmok Clothing Cyberlox photoshoot

I'd like to think that I'm pretty versatile when it comes to my modeling but there's definitely styles that I prefer.
I love frilly, girly things but I'm not a stranger to things like corsets, goth/cyber/rave/fetish wear, etc.
Darmok clothing has been so kind as to collaborate with my twice! This was the second time and I was supposed to be working with 2 other models but our schedules never worked out unfortunately.

The first shoot that was done with them I already had an outfit prepared due to a trade I did with another designer years ago (which I now regret because the wigs I traded were awesome :( haha )
But this shoot, I didn't have a thing to wear. The photographer was nice enough to supply a whole outfit. I was super excited because darmok was sending clothes but, when I got to try it on...it didn't fit at all. :( The length of the piece that went from the neck to the breast was wayyyyy too short.

Anyways, the photographer, John Berger, met me at the Three Muses Boutique. It's a costume boutique that is actually owned by a local cosplayer! I'd known about the boutique for quite a while but never actually went, so I was pretty happy when I actually arrived. They give a 15% discount for models and photographers I believe...

ANYWAYS. They have a pretty large selection of corsets, though a tad pricey. We looked around for things that would match the cyberfalls (which were blue, purple and black). We both decided a corset was the way to go since they didn't have many tops that would match the theme, and then decided on a tutu. I was pretty upset that we chose a tutu because tutu's are EXTREMELY easy and cheap to make. Most of the time, you won't spend more then $6 making one on your own since tulle is about $1 a yard and elastic is even cheaper. I was actually under the impression at first that darmok was sending a bottom to match the top but it was probably better this way, haha.

The tutu ended up being $20 and the corset was around...$60.

The actual employees were pretty friendly and helpful, when I tried on the first corset, I put it on upside down! LOL The ties were at the top which confused me a bit since I'm so used to two ties meeting in the middle, or having it tie on the bottom.

This is a picture (obviously) of the corset and tutu in their main dressing room~

At the shoot, which took a total of around 4 hours, I matched them with a dark blue wig, some fishnets, my stack boots and some arm warmers~
The reason why it took so long was because I did my make-up at the studio which takes me about an hour..>> haha.




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