Flower Dream Lolita shoot~

A while ago I posted about Kendra Paige, coming up for a week of shoots~

So far this is the only picture set that's been..half? finished? We had to shoot the outfit in 2 different locations because the first one didn't turn out.

Don't get me wrong, the pictures were AMAZING! But we went to late (it was a flower field) so most of the flowers were gone. :(

The dress and accessories were made by Miss Chubi of Elegy Clothing. This dress (I think) was made in about 1-2 weeks and it was AMAZING! Even on this sample, all the edges were serged, there wasn't an edge that wasn't finished off and the details were beautiful. I'm a huge fan of j-fashion and love to dabble in different ones but gyaru and lolita are definitely my favorites just because of the girly flare in most of their subgenres.

There's still pictures to be done and among them is my favorite! This oneee

Wig is from Cyperous
Shoes are just some normal platform white maryjanes
White stockings are from Walmart. xD

I also did another lolita shoot with the same designer~ Will post about that also! YAYE


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