Ruby Kisses Jellicious Lipgloss Reviews + Swatches

I've been trying to get better at blogging and doing this but I'm really horrible at keeping track of these things. :/

Anyways! I bring you~ A review of a super amazing gloss that I discovered a few months ago! AND, it's super cheap! Only $1.99 each!


This is my kitty~ Product modeling the three lip glosses that I have.
Obviously I have three, I believe there's..10 or 12 glosses and all of them have a food counterpart. The ones I have are:
Berry Sexy Secret/ Plum Seduction/ Crushes Strawberries

Swatches on hand~

Crushed Strawberries 
Bare lips. Nothing on it.
1 layer of Crushed Strawberries

Crushed Strawberries is a lightly tinted medium pink lip gloss.
This is actually my favorite lip gloss to date. I love the smooth "vinyl" look ("Vinyl" is what I found someone else describe a similar look) 
It's a very moisturizing lip gloss and if you start out with chapped lips, if you wear this gloss for about 5 minutes and wipe it off, your lips will feel absolutely AMAZING.
The gloss is non-sticky and I actually mean this. My former favorite was Victorias Secret tube gloss which had the same finish but it was very sticky. 
The scent is an artificial strawberry smell, not too strong and not sickening. I actually love it when my cosmetics are fruit scented but not everyone does. The scent goes away after a while though so if you can get through applying it, you'll be good to go.
I love putting this gloss over a pink lipstick or actually any lipstick since it's pretty sheer.

Plum Seduction

1 layer of Plum Seduction

Plum Seduction over a red lipstick.
A deep brown/red lip gloss.
Plum Seduction is a very pigmented gloss but, it tends to settle in the lines a bit.
It has the same amazing feel as crushed strawberries but I guess since CS doesn't have much pigmentation, you can't really tell where the color goes.
I'm not really sure what the scent is...I would guess that it's Plum but it doesn't smell exactly...plummy. haha either way, the scent isn't that strong and I actually like it.
The gloss seems to do the best when it's over lipstick or lip liner. 

Berry Sexy Secret
1 Layer of Berry Sexy Secret

B.S.S. Over black liner

Berry Sexy Secret is a black gloss and when swatched on the hand it looks super pigmented but, like Plum Seduction, it settles in the lines of your lips.
It smells like apple cinnamon hand sanitizer. haha 
This is the strongest scented gloss out of the three I have.
Over lipliner it looks beautiful and it's actually very useful...for goth looks! xD
I'm really not sure why I bought this color...I guess it was just an impulse buy. 

The Good Junk:
Smells like fruits
Love the smooth finish
Super cheap

The Bad Junk:
It smells like fruits (might be bad for some people)
The color settles in the lines of your lips
Possibly hard to find since I only know of 1 store that sells it

Check out Ruby Kisses! They have a lot of super nice products for cheap!
They also have a transparent setting powder that I LOVE and a super nice gel liner~


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  1. Thanks for the blog post. This was so helpful. I didn't find any other pictures of the pigmented glosses on the lips and your images really show how it settles into the lines. Thanks 😁