NYX HD Studio Photogenic Foundation 02 Soft Beige Review

I LOVE Nyx cosmetics so naturally, when I had to buy new foundations, I grabbed me some nyx-o~

Photo taken from nyx website

The foundation retails for 14.99 at Ulta which, unfortunately, is one of the only places I can get NYX.
They were having a 40% off sale so I jumped on it originally thinking that I was going to have to buy two separate shades to mix into the perfect color.

I had tested the colors out in store but ended up buying online. In store, Soft beige seemed too light so I mixed it with 03 and it matched my hand perfectly. Unfortunately, online 03 was out so I settled for getting just 02 with the intention of buying 03 when it came back in stock. BUTTTTTT

LO AND BEHOLD! 02 was actually a PERFECT match for my face.

The only carry a few shades at the moment so it might be difficult for some to find their perfect shade. I was lucky enough to not have to go through that problem but I know a lot have and might still.

This is a picture of my bare skin. I have rosecea which causes redness in the cheeks. I know. It sucks.
ANYWAYS. Other then that and my huge birthmarks, I really don't have much of a problem with my skin. I have small pores, I don't break out that often and have minimal bumps. 
BUT, the rosecea really isn't shown as well as it does in person. MY FACE GETS REDDDDD.
Plus my "angel kisses" are red/pink. X___X


My skin afterwards. As you can see, a lot of the redness in from the rosecea is covered. This is with only 1 layer of NYX foundation. No concealer or anything. Applied with a dense eco-tools brush. 8D

The Good Junk:
Medium-Full Coverage
Light Weight
Cheap compared to higher end "HD" products
Dewy finish by itself
Gives you beautiful even skin
Comes in a pump container

The Bad Junk:
Color matching is difficult. Only 8 shades.

Honestly, it's the only thing I could think of that's wrong with this foundation.

I paired up this foundation with the Champagne and Caviar palette to make my "signature" bomb shell look that I do variations of for the more "sexy" shoots.


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