NYX Caviar and Bubbles/ Champagne and Caviar Swatches and Review


So, a while ago, I did a small Ulta haul and I'm just now getting to doing the swatches and reviews.


Picture was taken outdoors in natural lighting.

The main reason why I bought it was because of the "natural" colors. A lot of really beautiful taupes, browns, a few pink-ish shades.

All of the individual eyeshadows are pretty soft, there's not a lot of fallout from what I've seen so far.
4 matte shades, 6 shimmer. The shimmers look really nice as an all over lid color and as a highlight as well. I'm actually not sure why they put a white in this palette, it's not overly pigmented...I suppose it's alright just to add a bit more highlight? Maybe use it in the inner corner or your eye? I don't know.

This is a really awesome palette to take on trips since you have tons of natural colors that are good for everyday looks. I actually purchased full size versions on the dark brown and black which I absolutely LOVE. So, if I'm ever super lazy and don't feel like toting around slightly bigger versions, I can just take this a long.


Taken outdoors in natural lighting. I'm a NW 18/  Nyx 02 if you're wondering. :P

The colors are on a bare arm, no primer, nothing. As you can see, the colors are really soft (except the dark brown and black, derppp) so perfect for every day.

This cost me $6.59 on sale. I think regular price it's about $10-12.
Definitely worth the price since it's so handy to have.

I did a look using just this palette, pics to come later in my next review with the NYX foundation. :)



  1. Oh my god that looks lovely.
    I wanna get NYX products but it costs 3 times the price here than it does in the states :(

    1. WOW. That's so expensive. :O I'd like to say it's worth it...but it's probably not if it's 3 times the price. :O Where do you live? Maybe we can do a swap one day! :)