Busy but productive week! (Pic Heavy)

This past week, one of my photographer friends came up to do some photoshoots.
By some, I mean many.
It started sunday mid afternoon and ended on thursday morning, haha.

We'd been discussing concepts for a while and finally put them into action.

We did a lot of just normal/casual shoots for the first ones to play around with until we really got rolling.
The first actual day we went to a studio which was a lot of fun. We started that off with a casual look and then moved into a colorplay look. We were a bit crunched on time since I had to do my make-up as well as someone elses but I think we pulled it off pretty well. The other girl went with blue while I went with red. I'm hoping to play with a few more make-up ideas and this wig in the future~

After the colorplay one, we shot off into getting ready in our "tribal" outfits. The outfits were basically deconstructed t-shirts; they came out AMAZING for something done last minute and out of shirts haha.

I definitely think this look took the most time since we had to start with a brand new clean face in order to put this on. The make-up I put on the other model, Aemee, turned out gorgeous though.

This is a shot of the super sweet Aemee! (Photographer Kendra-Paige from kendraphoto"

After that day, one of our main shoots was coming up quickly. We got the honor of being able to work with Elegy Clothing, a lolita designer. Her work is absolutely gorgeous! I had heard about a flower field about an hour out and decided that it would be a gorgeous location. Unfortunately, the yellow flowers that I had seen in pictures bloomed earlier this month and most has sadly died before we got there.

In their stead were small white flowers which were still nice but mehh.

Some beautiful pictures came out of it though. :) We shot for about an hour or so before we decided to head back.

Early next morning, we shot an elf inspired look at a park we discovered.
This wig is actually supposed to be a Panty wig from PSG but I never got around to styling it.
It's super thick and unfortunately, the ears vanished within it every now and then haha.

Later that dayyyy, snow white look.
It was definitely a..strange shoot. haha

On thursday, the day Kendra was leaving, we decided to shoot the lolita look once again just to get more pictures~

And here are some of the pictures she toooook.
Photographer: Kendra Paige.

YAYE! All the pictures posted from Kendra were only previews!
TONS of pictures came out of all the shoots and I can't wait to see more! She has a lot of work to do since we did about 7-8 shoots. haha


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