Psylocke Make-up look~

A while ago I received 3 wigs in the mail~
Yes, I purchased all of them with my own money. :P Con season is coming up for me, so I'm gearing to go.

Anyways, I did a little tutorial on youtube for it and finally uploaded it. :)
You can find it here~
Youtube Psylocke Makeup Tutorial

I actually threw that foundation away so it is now OBSOLETE. Either way, you use which ever foundation best suits your skin. Derp derp. :)

Products used:
Foundation (since I threw out the one I used in the video, I'll just say "Revlon Colorstay in 250 Fresh Beige" LOL
Concealer : Nyx Eye primer in skin tone
Eyeshadow : Wet 'N Wild Palette in Lust
Red Design : Wet 'N Wild lip liner, Nyx single eyeshadow in Apricot.

I'm sure I used other stuff too..>> OH WELL. xD


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