Thursday Photoshoot~

So a little bit ago, one of my photographer friends, who I haven't shot with in a year, messaged me about doing a casual shoot. One of her friends was coming down and wanted to shoot while he was here. You know. Instead of site seeing. xD

Either way, I agreed and started talking concepts. It would be downtown so we wanted something kinda urban-y. Unfortunately, I'm not the urban-y kind so I didn't have many clothes that matched the theme.
I threw together this really stupid outfit but it ended up working...kinda. xD
I was also told to do smokey eyes so that was fun. 8D

Here's just some pics from it~

This one was as I was getting ready. I don't normally do this kind of smokey eyes and normally it's the light to dark one but I just felt like doing it differently that day.

And here's some of the finished product!

The first three are done by Stephanie of SSphotography and the last one is done by David Venezia~

I always hate how my nose looks in certain angles. xD sooo fattt~

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  1. really nice!! you look beautiful!

    I want to do a photo shoot one day~ *0*