Ruby Kisses Haul + Nyx

Ello Lovelies~

So, I had a photoshoot scheduled this sunday and I had NO LASHES.
Of course I had to go out and buy some~

I went to a beauty store that's pretty close to my house called "Coco". Apparently they have a sister one called "Roxy" lol. Anyways, while I was there, I had to buy a little bit more. I lvoe beauty supply stores because they always tend to have brands that I've never heard of and I'm a collector so I enjoy buying make-up. xD

Anyways~ On to what I bought~

Here's an overview of everything I got~ (Reviews and swatches to come!)

Alrighty~ So the first item is this one!
Ruby Kisses Ultra Brilliant Colors Eyeshadow in
Black and White Cookie.
I've been looking for a really good deep matte black eyeshadow so I thought i would pick it up.
From the ouside, the white seems to have a fine shimmer in it while the black is a very flat matte color.
This was 2.99 so, if it's bad, i only lost around $3. 

Ruby Kisses HD setn'forget setting powder.
There's 4 shades that this comes in. The last 2 were way too dark for me so I had the choice between translucent and banana which is a very yellow tone powder. Obviously :p, i went with translucent. From what I can tell, it's a VERY fine milled powder which makes me excited for this.
It's was 3.99 so once again, not that big of a deal if it ends up being bad.

Next is the Ruby Kisses HD gel liner in Rich Black.
The first time i noticed these products, this was sold out so I'm hoping it's some good s**t. 8D
We'll see~ It was 5.99. Still not bad compared to some others~
Ruby Kisses BIG LASH Mascara.
They had quite a selection for mascaras, and I didn't have THAT much time to choose so I just choose the one that advertisement said was for volume. xD
3.99, dannggg even for cheap products, this stuff adds up though. xD

Last Ruby Kisses Product that I purchased.
24hr Eyeshadow Magic primer. Obviously, right away you might get a little bell in your head saying "rip off of UDPP?" MAN i hope so. xD This come in a hot pink bottle that, although the bottle is shaped a bit different, screams UDPP. It was only 4.99 so if it is a really good dupe, I'll definitely buy again.
I love me my udpp but $18 a pop hurts...xD

I'm a HUGE eyeliner fanatic since eyeliner is always one of the main parts of my make.
This is the NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Black.
3.99. Still doing pretty good~ xD

Make up remover is a MUST for me. I already have my HG one but, I can't constantly use it since it's hard for me to get my hands on. :( So I have to find something that's cheap but still good.
This was 6.99~ Not bad of course.

1.99 each~ They' brand? Oh well~
The bands on these lashes are SUPER thin and really flexible which can be both a good and bad thing.
I love them either way~

Swatches and reviews for all these products later!

Updates on my boring life. (Pic heavy/spammage)

Before this post goes onnn~ NEW LAYOUT. Still working out some things though. :)

SO yes
Like it says, this post is just going to be filled with random pictures of ME LOL and random..updates.
Since we're getting into the THE ICE AGE. I'll be doing a video on my seasonal go-tos a long with a blog to go with it. :)

Anyways, I really do love this time of year. It's not too cold where I have to bundle up, but I can still wear my beloved sweaters. Did I mention I love sweaters? Well..I do..and boots...Yup :D
My sweater season of loveeeee.

Yes. Getting to the point of this blog post. I mainly wanted to dump some pictures that I really like. But just didn't make the cut for...things?

I'm really weird. So...Subscribe to my blog and youtube? I'll be more active on my blog now since I...have stuff to blog about? LOL