What I do: Make-up

I haven't posted in a while since I took a trip to tally for a week and a few days...
Sooo, I'ma just pick up where i left it~

I think this is going to be my second to last "what I do".

So, it started in mid sophomore year of highschool. I had always been the "ugly duckling" I was never that attractive in middle school and the beginning of high school was no different. This was during the time of the huge myspace reign xD.
I had started getting involved in those vanity train/groups. It started out in just the asian ones but slowly evolved to just...everything. xD
I guess you could say that those stupid things actually did me some good. In order to be in them you have to, obviously, be very attractive or just popular. At that time i was really going for the whole "finding myself: thing. So I really wanted to belong to these groups. And thus, I got more involved in make-up and taking care of my skin.

I used to have...it wasn't bad..but it wasn't good acne. xD

so....yeah. My technique got better as i got more experience...and blah blah
Here's about..70% of my collection. Excuse the mess. xD I really do keep things clean and I have a mini mist bottle of alcohol to spray everything down. >w<

 The first picture is drawers filled with (top containers) lip balms, concealers, glitter, random eyeliners, separate drawers for red/crazy lipsticks and normal ones.

The bottom drawers have palettes, single eyeshadows, blushes and bronzers, lipglosses and random containers. xD

My brushes, foundations (only a few of them) primer stuff...etc.

The above picture is of the blushes/bronzer/palettes I use the most along with powders and random brushes.

My eyelashes, tweezers, scissors, eye lash curlers blah blah. There's lashes in the usamimi tin xD plus two 10 pair boxes underneath the 2 boxed lashes.

The lip stuff I use most often plus make-up remover..and change LOLOL.

This one just shows my body spray...collagen face stuff...hair scissors, moisturizer...gel liners, liquid and pencil. A long with tons of jumbo liners in different colors. 8D

Now...here's some random recent make-up looks! 8D

This went with a mermaid thingy. xD



What I do: Cosplaying


So, I first started cosplaying when I was...14 in 9th grade. :D
I had joined an anime club and near the end of the year, the whole club took a trip to Orlando to attend Jacon, which was my first con ever. 8D
Since then, I became addicted.

Cosplaying is a really great creative outlet plus you meet tons of people who have similar interests and likes~ and you get to see some really interesting things.

When you first start out cosplaying , especially at a young age, you tend to go through a few phases.
 At the begginning, it kinda...absorbs your life. You think it's really cool to go in public in cosplay, you say the darnest things! xD And like...you end up following the "annoying" fads such as becoming obsessed with yaoi, screaming in halls...glomping people...Now, I don't have a personal problem with any of this (except glomping...it hurts..badly T.T)

And, unless you're blessed, you go through a "bad cosplay" phase and an "ugly" phase. xD
I did both. My first few cosplays were purchased or "commissioned" and I didn't have a clue what make-up was. xD As I went to more cons, I started to get the hang of things which resulted in me today. 8D

I actually owe cosplay a huge thank you~ Without it...well...I wouldn't have been introduced to make-up, a lot of the friends I have, and...in general..I wouldn't be doing a lot of things that I do now. lol

Here's some pictures of me cosplaying! (I won't show pictures of me starting out because..they're embarrassing xD)

The top two are Sakura from Tsubasa and Sheryl from Macross frontier. Both pictures takens by Ed of Creative Photography.
Than there's Stocking from panty & stocking with garterbelt taken by me (of course. facebook shot! 8D)
The next is taken by Michael iacca of the EXPcon 2010 mascot.
Last is one of my favorite characters ever and one of my favorite cosplays Oerba dia Fang from Final Fantasy 13. 8D

Hope you guys enjoyed this post~ I didn't post as much as I wanted to mainly for the reason that I know no one wants to read all that. xD

If you have any questions just post a comment here or send it to mikichi@hellokitty.com

What I do: Modeling

So, like I said in my previous post, I'm going to be...blogging...about some of my main hobbies and such.
First one up is...MODELING!

So, to me, modeling started up as a hobby from cosplaying and it just grew from there.
I wouldn't say that it's strictly a hobby since there is payment involved so..hobby/job.

Alright~ so what do I do to prep for a photoshoot.
~Depending on when the photoshoot is and what's supplied (like a MUA or stylist) there's always the normal, "making sure you're awake". I do a lot of shoots that are in the morning. So, if one was at..say 8, I would wake up around 5:30 or 6 if I had to do my own make-up~

After that, it's pretty self explanatory! You should ALWAYS be on time or about 5-10 minutes early.

Here are some pictures from my most recent shoot that i did 2 days ago.

Both of these pictures are kinda.."behind the scenes" ish. One is on the way with the first hair and one is with a wig. :3

Taken by: Vanessa B

One of the finished shots from the shoot. 8D

Here's a picture from after a shoot~

And these are finished products as well~ 
A lot of really amazing shots came out from this shoot so I can't wait to post more once i get them 8D

I ended up leaving this shoot with super huge juicy mosquito bites. xD

If you have any questions just post here or send an email toooo:

Actual Introductory post plus some random information~

(I don't really except anyone to read this whole thing xD LOL)

So, This is kinda late, but~
I figured that I would "officially" start off my blog.

A friend of mine, Rozu, decided to make blogs on her transformation into a full fledged gal! I thought that this was a great idea for all the gals in our cir to do, so, I'm gonna start off with this (cliche') introductory post!

I'm basically just going to…introduce myself, what I'd like to improve on, where I feel I'm at now..that kinda stuff.

These intro posts will probably last for at least 3 posts? Maybe…>>

So~ HERE WE GOOOOOOOoooooOOOOOooooooooo*fades out* 8D

My name is Miki~ 
Mikitty and Mikichi were taken on this damn site…:( So I went with Mikichigo…
But I'd rather just go by the first two…or Miki. LOL DAMN ME. I JUST WANT EVERYTHING. xD

I'm __ years young. (Fill in the blank)
I'm a cosplayer, singer, (wannabe)model and make-up enthusiast. Soon to be a full time student (whenever I get to it. You know…the whole LIVE LIFE thing. Yeah…>>)
My favorite color is pink~ My favorite color combination would have to be…pink and white. 8D Favorite flower is a peony. They're super pretty >.<

I live in Florida. The upper (lame) part. 8D
I was born in Hawai'i where I moved to Nebraska (don't ask) and than Florida where I've been for…9 years? xD
I love sweet tea 8D and most other kinds of teas. xD 
I grew up with hello kitty so I'm a HUGGEEEEEE Hello kitty girl. xD

My skin type is oily combination. I get oily in the usual t zone area~ more so my nose than my forehead~ 
I normally range from a light to medium light. I like fairer skin tones since to me, it just appeals to me more though, since I am asian, I tan extremely fast and well so…YAY SUNBLOCK AND HAVING NO SOCIAL LIFE SO I STAY INSIDE. AHAHA jk…>>
My hair is very thick and black (well..right now it's split browns). It's straight for the most part though, ever since I had a perm yearrssss ago, even though it grew out…I still get waves in my hair. xD

How would I describe my style….
my style is…really messed up. I like so many different styles that it's hard for me to just pin point what I like.
I really enjoy polo shirts and shorts with flip flops…but than, I also love the really flowy, romagal look along with himegyaru. But, I also really enjoy a super sophisticated look. So…I'm really all over the place. And to me, there's nothing wrong with that because it just shows, I wear what I wanna wear xD.

I've been slowly transitioning into gyaru starting with the make up and hair and now clothing. 
so~ I'm gonna be blogging about my journey to gyaru-ship! xD

Things I'd like the improve:
Not staying inside. Who wants to put make-up on and stuff and not got anywhere? xD
Work on hair styling
Sew more (because I have nothing better to do)
Start to slowly pick out which style I like the most
Um...there's tons of other stuff....But i'm getting bored of typing. xDD

So, posts to come will probably just be quickly covering makeup and like..hobbies...>> yo dawg.
I don't feel like camwhoring at the moment so....BORING POST WITH NO PICTURES!!! YAAAAAAA