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Hey guys~

Ever enter a contest you just KNEW had to be rigged?
I did. So~ let me entertain you with my lovely experience through the treacherous battle grounds that is, a rigged Facebook contest.

I will start off mentioning that this might be triggering to some people. Don't read if you're delicate to situations like this. :)

Once upon a time, I entered a beauty contest on Facebook. I saw they had a prize, $1000 to be exact, and figured that it would be fun and possibly easy cash. 
Unfortunately, not all was as it seemed. They advertised it as a beauty contest. Well, I'm a part time model so i believe this to be my niche', so I submitted. When the contest started, I was the minority. In fact, the only asian. 35 contestants in total, 2 Caucasian girls, 3 Hispanic, 1 Asian…I'm sure you can guess the rest. I will blame it slightly on the type of people who go to beauty stores to begin with. 

Right away, it was clear that it was set up. The photographer, who was one of the people advertising the contest, had worked around. I've worked with them before. Their pictures were the first top row. Their pictures as in, pictures they had taken, with their copyright on it. Let us see~ Photographer who avidly supported them…top row. Coincidence?
Another competitor, who would be the one to fight me to the top, was a business owner who submitted her models picture. Not only did she do that, she also posted that she was a business owner and what she did to the model's…weave. Yes,weave. I like wigs as much as the next person, but this was not a hair competition. My point is. If anything, should that not be unfair? A business owner submitting and teaming up with the model? I digress.

As the competition moved along, the owners of the beauty store holding the competition, would move the contestants around. I was constantly moving lower while the other girl moved higher. Even after they acknowledged that I was in 1st place so far, I still moved lower as 2nd place moved to the first row. Warning signs? 
I pressed on. Nothing silly like that will deter me! I had friends and family backing me up!

Perhaps it was not enough. I'm going to now add in a point here that the contest had NO RULES set before the contest.

The day before the contest ended. Actually, almost exactly 24 hours before the end. They posted about fake accounts being used to vote. Sure. It happens. Whatever. 
Until I find that they were calling ME out.

I looked. I had them. Where had they come from?
"Everyone" was given those 24 hours to "remove" those fake accounts. Unfortunately, since none of us are the owners of the page, we are unable to remove them let alone see all of them. PLUS how was I to know who made them? This contest was shared on my wall, to friends, to friends of friends, to friends of friends families…you get it. 
I have no control over who votes, why should I be punished for accounts I had nothing to do with? Oh. I didn't mention? They threatened to disqualify us on rules they just posted and claimed it was for the good of the competition. Excuse me?

The only things they required, were for the people to like their page than the picture. That was it. For all I know, the fake accounts, could have been the competition who than later pointed it out. Accusations really. 

The next morning, I got a phone call from the owner of the store who is hosting the contest. He tells me that he wants to compromise. $750 for both me and the other girl. I agree to this. It's fair, it's extra money, why the hell not?  
No. The other girl is pushing to have me disqualified. Why is that exactly? Why are you pushing so hard when you yourself has fake accounts liking your page?
She refused the offer, obviously.
I resorted to mentioning that the person who submitted the other picture was a business owner who used her models image. The person replied "It's too late now. We only judge by the image. Not who submits it."

So…you're saying that I could have submitted any person's image? And it's too late to change that…yet you're going to change something so it's against me right away? Hrm~

During that same phone call, they mentioned to me about deleting comments that my friend's posting saying they were…"not nice". They're the owner of the page. They have the power to delete it on their own. I have no control over my friends and what they say.
Did I mention? One of the other girl's friends posted "We cannot let that asian b**** win". I'm sure you can fill in the asterisks. 
So…I'm getting reprimanded for my friends calling out obvious cheating and unfairness in the contest…but words like that are allowed?
Also, what they said was actually more like "We CaN't LeT dAt AsIaN b**** WiN." Ii'm still clueless as to why people type like that. 
This Facebook fanpage was diseased…with ebonics. Moving along.

Later that day, nearing the end of the competition, her votes shot up. 
Sure, whatever, this is fine. In this situation I see it as, damned if I do, damned if I don't. So what to do?
I take second place. Obviously, if I had won first, a huge uproar would have been caused by the other person. Me? I'll simply shrug and take it. 

If you are now wondering, "Well why are you writing this than?".
Simply for the fact that I am still butthurt that they would call me a cheater and push to disqualify me for something I had nothing to do with.

Tomorrow, I will be going to the store to pick up my second place prize…maybe they'll start something, maybe they won't. Either way, I know the truth, and I can say that I am able to hold my head up high and walk in with dignity.

Day of the pick-up~
Alright, I took back-up. Might not have been a good choice of back-up since I brought a white girl…a country white girl. Oh the love I have for her. Anyways, we showed up. The last time I ever had that many people giving me "the look" was at the fashion show for my high school. Either way, I walked away with $500. Don't hate. 

Here's the most recent picture of me? :D
The above picture was taken on monday~

The next two are sneak peaks from my last shoot~ 

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