Small Haul-o

Today I bought a few items that I thought I'd share~

I had 2 of those secret reward cards from Victoria's secret. It was a promotion and they had a value of $10-$500 but you didn't know until checkout! So I played safe and just bought things that were around $10. xD

The first product is~
The Victoria's Secret Tinted Moisturizer~
I first went to try on the Warm Medium one since I always assume things are lighter than they seem but, this was actually pretty dark and made me look grosssss. D:
So I tried on Soft Light and it was perfect. 8D
I believe this is...1.5oz? For about $15. But~ I only paid $5. 8D Yayeee
So far I really like it though~

The VS lip scrub and Balm~
This sells for $16~ Got it for 6~
As you can see, it's .635 oz total. The lip balm looks like a really pretty light pink on the packaging but it's actually a lilac-y pink color~ It smells soooo good.
The lip scrub is..just a normal lip scrub? I've never tried lip scrubs before. xD

Next are lashes! I always run out of lashes fairly quickly because I use them so often. x__X
Each pair is 1.99 each.


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