Christmas Partay~

Saturday was my anime/cosplay club's christmas party!
Originally only 7 people rsvp'd but around 19 people showed up!

First off! This was my make-up for the party~

The drive was about 3 hours long since we had to pick someone else up~
Normally I fall asleep on long car rides because I get sick on them...>> BUT I FOUGHT THROUGH! xD

The party was pretty snazzy overall but, the best part was dirty santa~

There were 13 total gifts brought. Each person picked a number and got to pick a present or steal according to their number.
The presents were super funny!
Most of them were nerf guns. I'd say...about 6 of them were nerf guns!
2 of them were play-doh sets. >> I happen to be one of the people who brought a play-doh set. LOL
At the end of the night I ended up with a nerf gun~

Right before this picture I took out my contacts. I forgot to bring eye drops and my eyes were killing me. x__X I had been wearing contacts since 8 in the morning till about 9.

This resulted in a mini nerf war outside as well as this

The beautiful, beautiful result of my nerf attacks.

I also now have a small gash on my hand from where there's an unfinished edge on my gun. :(

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