Ruby Kisses Haul + Nyx

Ello Lovelies~

So, I had a photoshoot scheduled this sunday and I had NO LASHES.
Of course I had to go out and buy some~

I went to a beauty store that's pretty close to my house called "Coco". Apparently they have a sister one called "Roxy" lol. Anyways, while I was there, I had to buy a little bit more. I lvoe beauty supply stores because they always tend to have brands that I've never heard of and I'm a collector so I enjoy buying make-up. xD

Anyways~ On to what I bought~

Here's an overview of everything I got~ (Reviews and swatches to come!)

Alrighty~ So the first item is this one!
Ruby Kisses Ultra Brilliant Colors Eyeshadow in
Black and White Cookie.
I've been looking for a really good deep matte black eyeshadow so I thought i would pick it up.
From the ouside, the white seems to have a fine shimmer in it while the black is a very flat matte color.
This was 2.99 so, if it's bad, i only lost around $3. 

Ruby Kisses HD setn'forget setting powder.
There's 4 shades that this comes in. The last 2 were way too dark for me so I had the choice between translucent and banana which is a very yellow tone powder. Obviously :p, i went with translucent. From what I can tell, it's a VERY fine milled powder which makes me excited for this.
It's was 3.99 so once again, not that big of a deal if it ends up being bad.

Next is the Ruby Kisses HD gel liner in Rich Black.
The first time i noticed these products, this was sold out so I'm hoping it's some good s**t. 8D
We'll see~ It was 5.99. Still not bad compared to some others~
Ruby Kisses BIG LASH Mascara.
They had quite a selection for mascaras, and I didn't have THAT much time to choose so I just choose the one that advertisement said was for volume. xD
3.99, dannggg even for cheap products, this stuff adds up though. xD

Last Ruby Kisses Product that I purchased.
24hr Eyeshadow Magic primer. Obviously, right away you might get a little bell in your head saying "rip off of UDPP?" MAN i hope so. xD This come in a hot pink bottle that, although the bottle is shaped a bit different, screams UDPP. It was only 4.99 so if it is a really good dupe, I'll definitely buy again.
I love me my udpp but $18 a pop hurts...xD

I'm a HUGE eyeliner fanatic since eyeliner is always one of the main parts of my make.
This is the NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Black.
3.99. Still doing pretty good~ xD

Make up remover is a MUST for me. I already have my HG one but, I can't constantly use it since it's hard for me to get my hands on. :( So I have to find something that's cheap but still good.
This was 6.99~ Not bad of course.

1.99 each~ They' brand? Oh well~
The bands on these lashes are SUPER thin and really flexible which can be both a good and bad thing.
I love them either way~

Swatches and reviews for all these products later!


  1. The cheapest thing that i've ever used to remove my eye makeup is a cotton ball/pad & Extra virgin olive oil (what don't I use that for though lol)
    I just went on a huge makeup hauling spree and i has goodies for joo too (nat got your lipgloss sorry... but it cannot be changed now) mostly little samples i got. But lemme know if you want em and I'll bring them to you.

  2. @Pb-tan

    xD I hate really oily products so I was sad when the NYX MR ended up leaving an oily residue.
    LOL sure~ I love free products :D. I'm hoping to go on a big spree soon~ I have to clean out my old make-up soon xD