Latest adventures + Prepping for halloween and con season~

I'm really a boring person.
I don't do anything except sit around and get fat. Haha
No but really...
I've been so busy gearing up for "con season" that I haven't been going out. :/
Instead I sit in my room with my sewing machine and trusty hot glue gun and push out cosplays (or in this case) 1 cosplay for the upcoming con. EXPCON. 8D

You'll probably see me wandering around. :3 I'll be cosplaying as Elizabeth from persona!( an unaccurate one because I'm too lazy to fix things and figurines lie to you. DAMN YOU)
And the Mascot girl. You'll hopefully be able to tell. xD

Anyways enough of that,
I started up my youtube channel~
go here!
I do tutorials..and vlogs..and reviews and stuff..once i actually stop being lazy~

So, for a tutorial idea, because I always like to try them out first, I decided to dress up and this came out of it!
I thought it was kinda cute~
My hair is a lie also. It's a wig. I have tons of those. xD

I eventually did go out with my friend Dylan to go costume shopping and just to hang out~
There was one costume that I really loved and that was the Fox one with the poofy tail so i HAD to try it on. xD
Also, SCREW THE LIGHTING IN THERE. The rooms were black and they had a huge bright light at the very top. x___X And no mirrors :(
How can we commence in the checking our selves out in the costumes with no mirrors? xD

At another store, I gave into trying on the mari-ho costume. LOL Femme mario.

Lighting was better in this bathroom that smelled skankkkk. xD

We ended up at TGIF. I SWEAR. I always eat so much food. :(
I had the chicken and shirmp..thingy. SO GOOD. but so much food. 
The stupid mall closed at 6 so we just went into books a million...only to find that right outside of booksamillion they had sugar gliders :(
I'm done..peace outtttt xD
look at this..dinosaur towel? xD



  1. I loveddd the fox costume on you! the mario one was cute as well did you guys get any of em?

    Also you should post a few con pics so all the nice people can see...


  2. @Pb-tan
    I didn't! >w<
    They're really expensive. Maybe the day after halloween I'll go shopping since they'll be like..50% off. xD
    The mari-ho one would be super easy to make though :3