What I do: Modeling

So, like I said in my previous post, I'm going to be...blogging...about some of my main hobbies and such.
First one up is...MODELING!

So, to me, modeling started up as a hobby from cosplaying and it just grew from there.
I wouldn't say that it's strictly a hobby since there is payment involved so..hobby/job.

Alright~ so what do I do to prep for a photoshoot.
~Depending on when the photoshoot is and what's supplied (like a MUA or stylist) there's always the normal, "making sure you're awake". I do a lot of shoots that are in the morning. So, if one was at..say 8, I would wake up around 5:30 or 6 if I had to do my own make-up~

After that, it's pretty self explanatory! You should ALWAYS be on time or about 5-10 minutes early.

Here are some pictures from my most recent shoot that i did 2 days ago.

Both of these pictures are kinda.."behind the scenes" ish. One is on the way with the first hair and one is with a wig. :3

Taken by: Vanessa B

One of the finished shots from the shoot. 8D

Here's a picture from after a shoot~

And these are finished products as well~ 
A lot of really amazing shots came out from this shoot so I can't wait to post more once i get them 8D

I ended up leaving this shoot with super huge juicy mosquito bites. xD

If you have any questions just post here or send an email toooo:


  1. so beautiful! *0* I want to take pictures like this one day!

  2. @エミリー❤

    I'm sure it'd be super easy for you too! I bet there's tons of photographers in your area 8D and if not, I dabble in photography so if we're ever close to each other I can take pictures of you 8D