What I do: Make-up

I haven't posted in a while since I took a trip to tally for a week and a few days...
Sooo, I'ma just pick up where i left it~

I think this is going to be my second to last "what I do".

So, it started in mid sophomore year of highschool. I had always been the "ugly duckling" I was never that attractive in middle school and the beginning of high school was no different. This was during the time of the huge myspace reign xD.
I had started getting involved in those vanity train/groups. It started out in just the asian ones but slowly evolved to just...everything. xD
I guess you could say that those stupid things actually did me some good. In order to be in them you have to, obviously, be very attractive or just popular. At that time i was really going for the whole "finding myself: thing. So I really wanted to belong to these groups. And thus, I got more involved in make-up and taking care of my skin.

I used to have...it wasn't bad..but it wasn't good acne. xD

so....yeah. My technique got better as i got more experience...and blah blah
Here's about..70% of my collection. Excuse the mess. xD I really do keep things clean and I have a mini mist bottle of alcohol to spray everything down. >w<

 The first picture is drawers filled with (top containers) lip balms, concealers, glitter, random eyeliners, separate drawers for red/crazy lipsticks and normal ones.

The bottom drawers have palettes, single eyeshadows, blushes and bronzers, lipglosses and random containers. xD

My brushes, foundations (only a few of them) primer stuff...etc.

The above picture is of the blushes/bronzer/palettes I use the most along with powders and random brushes.

My eyelashes, tweezers, scissors, eye lash curlers blah blah. There's lashes in the usamimi tin xD plus two 10 pair boxes underneath the 2 boxed lashes.

The lip stuff I use most often plus make-up remover..and change LOLOL.

This one just shows my body spray...collagen face stuff...hair scissors, moisturizer...gel liners, liquid and pencil. A long with tons of jumbo liners in different colors. 8D

Now...here's some random recent make-up looks! 8D

This went with a mermaid thingy. xD



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  1. wooowww! what a make-up collection!

    one day im going to have one like that ♥