What I do: Cosplaying


So, I first started cosplaying when I was...14 in 9th grade. :D
I had joined an anime club and near the end of the year, the whole club took a trip to Orlando to attend Jacon, which was my first con ever. 8D
Since then, I became addicted.

Cosplaying is a really great creative outlet plus you meet tons of people who have similar interests and likes~ and you get to see some really interesting things.

When you first start out cosplaying , especially at a young age, you tend to go through a few phases.
 At the begginning, it kinda...absorbs your life. You think it's really cool to go in public in cosplay, you say the darnest things! xD And like...you end up following the "annoying" fads such as becoming obsessed with yaoi, screaming in halls...glomping people...Now, I don't have a personal problem with any of this (except glomping...it hurts..badly T.T)

And, unless you're blessed, you go through a "bad cosplay" phase and an "ugly" phase. xD
I did both. My first few cosplays were purchased or "commissioned" and I didn't have a clue what make-up was. xD As I went to more cons, I started to get the hang of things which resulted in me today. 8D

I actually owe cosplay a huge thank you~ Without it...well...I wouldn't have been introduced to make-up, a lot of the friends I have, and...in general..I wouldn't be doing a lot of things that I do now. lol

Here's some pictures of me cosplaying! (I won't show pictures of me starting out because..they're embarrassing xD)

The top two are Sakura from Tsubasa and Sheryl from Macross frontier. Both pictures takens by Ed of Creative Photography.
Than there's Stocking from panty & stocking with garterbelt taken by me (of course. facebook shot! 8D)
The next is taken by Michael iacca of the EXPcon 2010 mascot.
Last is one of my favorite characters ever and one of my favorite cosplays Oerba dia Fang from Final Fantasy 13. 8D

Hope you guys enjoyed this post~ I didn't post as much as I wanted to mainly for the reason that I know no one wants to read all that. xD

If you have any questions just post a comment here or send it to mikichi@hellokitty.com

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