Sana super quick lip concealer and B&C curvy lip silicone lipgloss [Review]

Herro there again~
From my last post, I had a picture of a few of the last things I bought in Hawai'i~
And todayyyyy, I'm bringing you a review!
With camwhoring!

First off~ What the products look like~
On the left is Sana's super quick lip concealer in baby pink~
And on the right is B&C's curvy lip silicone in I think it was milkshake pink?

Here's a picture of me with most of my make~ except the lips of coarse.
My plain nude lips~
Nothing on them~ just..bare lips

This is with just the lip concealer~
As you can see, it does a pretty good job of concealing the color and making it that baby pink color but it also does seem to settle in the lines

Both the lip concealer and the gloss
I think that both of these products look better together. I don't think I would wear the concealer by itself even though it does have a nice gloss in itself. The Silicone gloss seems to even it out beautifully and I love the end results~ Plus it feels nice on my lips.

The lipgloss itself is a bit sticky, but not annoyingly so~ It had just the right amount of stick.

Price: Both were about $16.99 USD
Rating: 4.5/5

Although the concealer does settle in the lines I still can't help but love it~
The price is the only thing that bothers me. $17 for a small lipgloss is quite steep but you don't need much, so I'm thinking I'll last quite a while~

Now for cam whoring!

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