Mosquitos, Photoshoots and Marukai haul

Hello little miki-ites (I went back and forth between little fluffies and blah dblahdblah)

The mosquitos in Hawai'i must be super hungry.
I haven't really posted on the photoshoots I've been doing, but I thought that this would be a good place to complain xD.
One of my photoshoots took place on UH campus. There were tons of cute kitties there! But that's not the point. The point is, I left there with 29 mosquito bites. It wasn't that bad, they weren't super huge and I'm not one to complain, especially during a shoot.
Just the other day, I met with another photog for a photoshoot in a park. We ended up going into a little mini forest section. THOSE MOSQUITOS. MUST HAVE BEEN DYING OF THIRST. The bites I got from there were NO JOKE. Serious business. I had 9 HUGE ASS bites all on my lower back, 4 in my underarm area, 3 going around to my stomach and the rest were on my legs and arms. I'm surprised I haven't died from getting so many bites. Lol

Here's a picture of how I looked at the start of my shoot~
OH MY. How tan I look. Dx The funny thing is, I'm actually using a lighter foundation than normal and it matches perfectly. I have just been doing tons of contouring and such.

Andddd here is how I looked after the shoot ended!
Funny yeah? Ended up doing...4 looks. The last one was the most fun though! She wanted to go with a tribal look so...thats what I..gave? xD 

You can see one of the Mosqy bites on my neck. Damn blood suckers! 

So onto today, there wasn't much to do since we'll be leaving the house soon to go to the hotel so we went to wards warehouse~ 
I ended up getting 2 pairs of super cute sandals with bows. It feels like I'm wearing nothing on my feet with them on. xD I also got 2 belts and one dress~

The said dress ^^

Oh! Here's my free frozen yogurt from Milano Freezer!


We walked around for some time until we went to Marukai. Marukai is basically...a store that has almost anything and everything you'd need. It used to be members only but now they're open to the public~
There was TONSSS of super cheap sanrio (mainly hello kitty stuff) so here is a picture of the stuff I bought!

I'm a sucker for little pouches and bags. So, there's 8 of them. xD
The green hello kitty towel and green bento next to it, along with a pair of chopsticks is for a friend~
List of things:
6 Hello kitty pouches
2 Pouches 
3 Notepads to match the pouches
1 compact mirror
1 green towel
2 pairs of chopsticks
2 60mg Hello Kitty spray bottles
2 100mg Hello Kitty spray bottles
1 60mg HK Lotion bottle
1 100mg HK lotion bottle
2 HK contact cases
1 pair of little HK jars
1 HK reuseable tote bag

I also got a few other sushi making things for my friend for her grad~

I..think that's it for now?!


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