Local Magazine Release Party

Hello again~
So today, the main objective was a party that I was invited to by a photographer~
I had worked with this photographer the previous week and he wanted me to go to the party to get some shots for the next magazine that would cover their own release party~
Of coarse, I HAD to go shopping for it. I went to this super cute (and cheap) store called Papaya at the Pearl Ridge shopping center.

Dress: Papaya
Shoes: Steve Madden

Make up for the night~
Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX Super model 10 count palette

Contacts: Jewel Blue

When we got there, we were super hungry. We were told free food, but the hotel/bar that it was held at didn't fully make it clear so everyone did have to end up paying. Poooo.
Oh well~
I had a kalua pulled pork quesadilla~ It was alright. I could have just gone to taco bell for a chicken quesadilla and it would have been just as good~
My mom was the one who got the wings~ She said they were good...i don't know...I was never a huge fan of wings. xD

Enter camwhore pictures here 8D

During a small photoshoot session (he would take pictures, than come back after the lighting changed)
2 random guys ended up walking up to me and gave me leis! I got leid! MUAHAHAHA

Afterwards, one of the flowers fell off and another random guy came up to me and was all "You dropped this" *smile*. I also received 2 other flowers from guys. It's so weird because normally guys don't pay much attention to me. I guess being in front of a camera does wonders. LOL

On to the bathroom. WTF IS THIS?! A vending machine for headphones and stuff!? OH SNAP

After the lei's appeared!

With the gift bag~ I was supposed to get a pink one but someone snatched it. D:
All the goodies that were in the bag~

Ending camwhore pic infront of turtles!

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