Don Quijote and flying back~

Hello again~

So, the time has come to where I must leave Hawai'i and go back to...Florida. poo

Well actually..that was two days ago. But I'm just now posting about it.
Worry not! I went last minute shopping (something a girl has to do :p)
and I had a little haul~ I say little because I didn't get that much but it was $$$.
So expensive.
I'll be doing a review on most of these products later on once I actually get to using them~

Here's a pic of what I got~
I got a few lashes (only 3 in this picture but I went shopping previously as well)
2 lip glosses (Im obsessed with lip products) One of them is actually a colored lip concealer~
1 liquid eyeliner
A box of black biore nose strips (I love these. I bought a pack the last time I was in Hawaii and I had to get more.)
2 make-up removers. There were so many to choose from and maybe later on I'll explore them. The smaller tube one I've bought previously but I had to get another one~ and the bottle one is a liquid one while the other is a..gel?

Like I said, I'll be doing reviews on these and go into more detail on them later on~

I also bought hair dye but, I think I picked out a color that was too dark with not enough lightening agents in it since it just added streaks of brown. (UHGGG. xD)

Since I feel like this blog entry isn't complete without a camwhore picture~
Here one is!
Just a picture of the outfit I wore for a photoshoot that was done in the empty house xD. The shirt is actually super cute and would look amazing with a black mini and some boots for more of a rocker feel~

Here's a little pic from the shoot~

Onto the flight~
I hate long flights. I'm sure most people do. I have a fear of..the feeling of falling?
I have no problems jumping off of things. I guess it's more of a control issue. But I hate the feeling you get when falling. It's why I'm scared of roller coasters. xD
Anyways, the first flight, which is the longest, I was so scared because the plane fell (not like..fell from the sky but take off, you fall slightly) 3 times in take off. Not fun x___X
After butt fell asleep so..I followed it and crashed. Not that it was peaceful.
2 more flights came after. They were a lot smoother though in the beginning I always get that fear that we're going to fall. xD
It was so nice to sleep in my own bed though. <3

I'm typing this at 3:51 in the morning because I'm still on Hawai'i time. xD

I'm tired now... so I'll end this with some camwhore pics from another shoot. xD
Photos by Tori Pono~

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