China town~

Yes. That is indeed a chinese lion statue with an Orange in it's mouth. No I did not put it there. But it amused me so I had to get a picture of it.
So today, we ended up going to China town~
I always love going to China town for the food and it's always nice to just walk around. The only thing I don't really like is the knock-off stuff and how expensive it can get (IT'S CHINA TOWN! D:).
I remember last summer I went there and I knew that I was GOING to go to the 888 cafe for a shave ice like I did last year. The 888 cafe was something I made sure to remember since my friend Sylvia seems to love triple digits andddd... Right across from the 888 cafe was Sylvia's Lei's and Flowers! 8D It was meant to be!!!!

Went to the Chinese cultural plaza where this picture was taken! (really it's just mindless cam-whoring xD)

Ate at this little food court area in china town~ It's indoor/outdoor and it was run by little mom and pop food stores. I ended up getting some Kal bi~
Mom got sometypea noodles. xD

I love shave ice. Words can not describe my love of them.

To end the day...we went to ross xDDDD
How excitingggg. We did a good 6 hours of walking. So glad I didn't wear heels...X____X

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